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What kind of creator
are you?


Imagine you are one of the citizens of The City. It’s so dark outside nobody thinks about leaving their hubs. People gather around a campfire and weave stories we named „urban legends”.

Write one of these. It could be anything related to monsters, the day and night cycle, exploration or finding some old equipment. Make your story brave, unpredictable and scary.
Good luck!

Fan art

The open world of Dying Light 2 is huge. There are plenty of abandoned places like apartments, churches or hospitals. On the streets, you will meet people who are trying to survive no matter what. On the same streets at night, you will meet monsters.

Create a fan art inspired by Dying Light 2 and fight for awards. Show us how you see buildings, NPCs, monsters and the secrets revealed under UV light.
Be bold!


A post-apocalyptic world needs creativity. You have to think really hard if you want to survive. How to make a weapon out of scrap? How to make a costume that will both protect you during a fight and let you climb to the rooftops?

Create a cosplay based on Dying Light 2 heroes.
Surprise us with your skills!



These are the people who work on Dying Light 2 Stay Human on a daily basis. In this contest, they will be looking for the best examples of creativity and bravery. Surprise them and show them something they have never seen before. Good luck!
Łukasz Janas
Łukasz Janas
Creative Director
Anna Kubica
Anna Kubica
Sr. Brand Manager
Mariusz Pitura
Mariusz Pitura
Sr. Writer
Tomas Gerbaut
Thomas Gerbaud
World Director
Irina Meier
Irina Meier
Laura and Ralph
Laura & Ralph
Narga & Aoki
Narga & Aoki